Crimes against property

“Opportunity makes the thief” Per hour 4 houses are robbed in Portugal.

Fonte:   Annual Report of Homeland Security in 2011

The major categories of crimes present a similar distribution to the one registered in the last years: crimes against property remain the category that has the highest number of records, a total of 228.21 occurrences, representing a relative weight of 56.3% at national reported criminality. The highlights from the negative point occur at the jeweler’s, with an increase of 14.2% in relation to last year and the theft in residences with an increase of 7.3%. Under the “Safe School” program, were reported occurrences in schools and at the route from home to school, reporting an increase of participations number at 22%..

pdficon_large RASI – Annual Report of Homeland Security in 2011

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Urban Fires

The importance of fire safety in the country at the various fields of the projection and construction is undisputed; however, despite its importance is probably the related areas in the building that does not have an effective consolidation in our country. However, the country has been known, in the last years a remarkable evolution either is in the education or legislative field. Fires cannot be completely avoided, but we can reduce the occurrences if we have a responsible attitude and not think that we will never encounter a real fire. The fires usually originate from the negligent behavior during mundane activities such as cooking, ironing or smoking, but can also happen due to deficient electricity or gas installations or electrical overload. The fire happens with more focus on divisions where there is a higher concentration of textiles and furniture. The victims are in most cases, children and the elderly. Physical conditioning, such as mobility difficulties, or decreased cognitive abilities, are one of the factors that contribute to the existence of fatalities.

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Caption: News of the RTP-Info addressing the issue of urban fires and related legislation.

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