Connection to Alarm Central Statiom
The 24h connection to the Alarm Central Station (Safety) aims at the immediate response in an emergency by contacting the customer and warning the public security forces. Also warns of possible equipment failure and power outage. This service has a monthly or annual cost.

Security System

Intrusion Detection Systems

What are the advantages on having an Intrusion Detection Systems?
Having system intrusion detection, commonly known by alarm, in your home / business is a sign of safety and control. Ensures you’ll be alerted whenever there is a suspicious movement in your home / business.

Other advantages:

  • Connect the 24H Security Center;
  • Immediate response in case of emergency;
  • Notice of the public security forces;
  • Multiple user codes.
  • Setting up partitions for different rooms.
  • High quality material: ensures continuity for the future.
  • Guarantee of labor-power and equipment.
  • Deduction in the amount of insurance against theft;
  • Tax relief (in companies);

Como funciona um sistema de detecção de intrusão?
An intrusion detection system consists of peripheral devices placed in strategic locations (usually placed facing doors and windows) in order to detect movement and alert owners that something fishy is going on. The alert can be done in various ways such as central control monitoring station, SMS, phone call, etc., to do so the customer needs to have a fixed telephone line or a GSM module for performing communication. Without this communication are only activated their sirens (Interior and Exterior).

To who is destined an intrusion detection system?
An intrusion detection system can be useful to any market sector, businesses, industry, public authorities, commercial or residences spaces, etc.

GSM Module
This module is indispensable to who have no landline and want to communicate to the alarm central station or to the phone when it exist an alarm trigger. This module is added to the alarm central station and therefore doesn’t require a wireless module.


  • Prevents tampering by cutting landline.
  • Remote Activation / deactivation of your alarm via SMS.
  • Notice of electric cutting via SMS.
  • Report event.

Automatics Fire Detection Systems (SADI)

What are and what are they for?
An automatic fire detection system (SADI) is a technical installation compose by smoke detectors and / or temperature (usually, but there are other types of detectors), distributed strategically to protect the area, able to register a start a fire without human intervention (give alarm automatically), both local and general, or remotely (alert) and operate all necessary commands to fire safety of the occupants and the building where it is installed.

Which places are required automatic fire detection systems?
Article 125: Housing (3 e 4 Cat.) Parking, Administrative, School, Hospital, Nursing Homes, Shows, Public Meetings, Hospitality / Catering, Commercial and Station of Transport, Sport and Leisure, Museums and Art Galleries, Libraries and Archives, Industrial Warehouses Workshops.

Who can sell this equipment?
Article 23º: Activity of marketing products and SCIE equipment, its installation and maintenance is done by registered entities in the ANPC. (Multiel – ANPC No. 394). NOTE: wireless SADI is not allowed.

What are the controlling authorities?
Article 24º: The ANPC (National Authority for Civil Protection). The Municipalities in its territorial area. The ASAE and the Authority for Food and Economic Security.

What is the value of the fines?
Article 25º: The absence of or poor installation, operation, or maintenance of equipment for detection, alarm and warning systems shall be punishable with fine graduated from € 370 up to a maximum of € 3700, in the case of an individual, or even € 44 000 in the case of legal person.

Video Surveillance

What is Video Surveillance?
When it comes to video surveillance speaks in a video control system, consisting of one or more fixed or rotary cameras that collect pictures in defined space, be it indoors or outdoors, and the people in it moving for a certain period of limited time (depending on the disk capacity of the recorder and usually remains up to 30 days). The system is constituted by cameras interconnected with the recording unit (recorder) and display (monitor).

Why install video surveillance cameras and the advantages?

  • Accessing remotely through your iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, and Tablet Computer;
  • You can see your children and / or employees and / or family on live;
  • Discourage theft and fraud, helping to deter thieves;
  • Discourage false declarations of accidents;
  • Help protect customers and employees;
  • Allows you to save on costs by remotely viewing videos.
  • Monitor the perimeter of buildings and areas such as loading and unloading zone.
  • See technical problems in a specific area.
  • Other areas of difficult access.
  • To inform the insurer, this can lower your insurance up 50% of the monthly amount.

It is also a powerful tool when combined with the detection and access control systems (eg: Intrusion and Fire). Integration can be over a single full screen.