The Multiel is a certified company based in Aveiro with several years of experience in their area of business.

Better safe than sorry, this old proverb fits perfectly with our work, because we are dealing with lives, property and essentially people. A good prevention leads to a brighter future without surprises and without prejudice.
For us proud to work together with authorities such as Civil Protection, PSP, GNR and Firemen contributing to the general welfare of the population. All our products are accompanied with an enviable after-sales service, whether it’s business or our technical department, being the client sure that the investment will be usable and at 100% when it comes to the crunch.
We have a unique way of settlement of our products and services never before seen in this area, any of which may have the assurance of a future, to protect yourself or your business, either by accidents, assaults but also avoiding fines arising from breaches of existing laws.
The Multiel strengthens its competitive ability, through the establishment of partnerships seeking to offer higher quality at lower cost, aiming at customer satisfaction, contributing to increased productivity, respecting the individual, society and the environment.