Intrusion Detection Systems

 Portaria n.º 135/99 de 26 de Fevereiro
Regulates the conditions of exploration and management of reception centrals and monitoring of alarms for burglary and intrusion, as well as the installation, management, maintenance and exploration of security systems. (Mandatory for those who own detection systems for intrusion to perform regular equipment maintenance).

Fire Safety in Buildings

 Decreto-Lei n.º 220/2008 de 12 de Novembro
Establishes the Legal Regime of Fire Safety in Buildings

   Portaria n.º 1532/2008 de 29 de Dezembro
Approves the Technical Regulations of Fire Safety in Building

   Despacho n.º 10738/2011 de 30 de Agosto
Defines the requirements for the accreditation by the ANPC of the technicians responsible for the commercialization, installation and, maintenance of products and equipment SCIE.

The ANPC page link relating to law to  Decree N.º 220/2008

Technical Recommendations from the Ministry of Education for the construction/implementation/upgrading of schools, in the view school center (CAP.2.2/2.3/4.6/7)

Technical Recommendations from Social Security for equipment in kindergartens (CAP. IV.2/VII)

Technical Recommendations from Social Security for equipment in Nursing Home (CAP. IV.2/VII)

Video Surveillence System

 Portaria n.º 933/2006 de 8 se Setembro
Approved the safety regulation of manufacturing, repair, trade and custody of weapons.

 Decreto-Lei n.º 101/2008 de 16 de Junho
Establishes the legal regime of private security systems of catering or drink establishments.

 Decreto-Lei n.º 54/2012 de 6 de Setembro e respectiva nota técnica
Defines the means of preventing and combating theft and the receiving of non-precious metals.

 Decreto-Lei n.º 34/2013 de 16 de Maio
This law establishes the rules of the exercise of the activity of private security and safety measures to be taken by public or private entities to prevent the commission of crimes.