Sistema Directo Bombeiros – “Vida por Vida”

The Fire Alert System is a pioneering project that results from a partnership between some Volunteer Fire Departments with the Multiel Company. The system consists of the direct connection of trade, industry and housing to the Alarm Receiving Centre of the Volunteer Fire Department. Monitoring is performed 24-hours a day, 365 days a year thus ensuring that in case of fire, the response of Fire Department is the most efficient and fast way. The risk of total loss in a fire, is proportional to the time it takes the fire department to hasten to the place.

– Automatic detection and reporting of fire direct to firefighters.
– Less response time in case of fire.
– Lower risk of total loss in case of fire.
– Building 24-hour protected in case of alert.
– Increased effectiveness in the fight in case of fire.
– Registration in the central of the fighting and fire detection equipment.
– Help Volunteer Firefighters in their mission.